Doug Gibson plays blues and folk songs infused with the manic spirit of hard rock and heavy metal. He has written love songs full of anger and angry songs full of love and hope. He puts out more sound as a one man band than many bands with three or four members. It doesn’t seem like it should work, but once he starts playing and stomping and shouting and singing it somehow just makes sense because he pulls you in with all of the energy he puts out.

Doug Gibson has never been a typical musician. He was a football star and a band geek in high school. In college, he started singing with a rock band, showing up to practices still dripping sweat from offseason workouts. He later dropped out of medical school so he could focus his efforts on touring throughout the eastern United States as the frontman for the metal band Bullistic, who included his undeniably country song “That’s Why (Good Times)” on their 2007 release Ride The Line. He then formed Boss Kean’s Ditch, a southern rock band that continued to mix the worlds of hard rock and country. After relocating from Virginia to Tennessee, Doug took a break from music to become a husband, father, and high school teacher. Following his pattern of seemingly incompatible things, he teaches both science and history classes. He began performing as a one man band in 2014 playing guitar and singing while stomping his homemade foot drum with one foot and a tambourine with the other.

Doug released his first solo album, Post Card, in October of 2014, and has been performing throughout Tennessee, Virginia, and the Carolinas since. 2014 also saw Doug and his wife Alicia form their own Americana duo called Trail of the Lonesome. They released their debut EP called “Winter” in the spring of 2015.

Fans of Scott H. Biram, William Elliott Whitmore, Tim Barry, and Lucero should all find a lot to like in Gibson's sound.