Monday, February 16, 2015

Trail of the Lonesome Website and Social Media Now Active

Alicia and I had a great time playing at Clancy's in Knoxville last night. Way better than fighting the crowds for bread, milk, and eggs at the grocery store. French toast does sound pretty good now that we are iced in after all the weather today, though. We have decided to call our project Trail of the Lonesome, and we will have social media and a website up for our band very soon. (Update: these are now active) I'm very excited about the songs we have been working on. You guys and gals who enjoy Post Card will definitely like it, but it's different enough that it's not just Post Card-esque songs with female vocals added. Alicia has written some monster songs, just awesome stuff, and her vocals are killer too. We will be in the studio later this month to finish up a little Trail of the Lonesome primer, and I can't wait to get it out everyone. Stay warm folks, and may the whiskey outlast the cold.

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