Friday, October 3, 2014

So I Made A Record

I am really excited about this record. You guys that know me, which at this point is pretty much everyone reading this, know that I generally have something to say about, well, most things. I fought it for a few years there, but creating music really is what I have been called to do. I haven't been part of a record that's been put out since 2008. That's kinda crazy to think about, and it makes me wish I had written more, but I am proud of the songs I'm about to put out there. There are seven songs on my new record. There were originally going to be more, but a few of those morphed into songs that Alicia and I are working on and will record in December. Two of the songs are my versions of old Boss Kean's Ditch songs. We had about half of a record ready to go when I left Richmond, and we never got to record those songs,  but I wanted to resurrect at least two of them. As a result, the record starts off with Singing Hymns and Better To Fly. I wrote those songs and the guys from BKD...Shane, Ryan, Tommy, Robbie, and Jimmy helped write the music for them. I modified it for my one man band style, but the soul of those songs belongs to those guys too. The rest of the songs are new, and every song on the record features me playing every instrument. I recorded the vocals, guitars, bass, and drums. You name it, I played it. The record is far from perfect. To be honest, these are really just demos that I am going to release as an album, but the more I listen to, the more I appreciate raw, honest recordings, so I didn't want to fancy it all up in a studio. Some of these songs may make it into a studio for the next record, but I have no issues letting this collection of songs stand on its own. I sure hope you guys enjoy it. The title of the record is "Post Card" and the track listing is as follows:

1. Singing Hymns
2. Better To Fly
3. Forward Together
4. Go On, Move On
5. Ten Room Coffin
6. Who You Are
7. Into The Wind

As far as availability of the record goes, rest assured everyone will be able to get it. Music should be shared, and this record hopefully will be. I will have more details on that as the release date approaches. In the meantime, I hope everyone is well, and I hope you guys are excited about this record like I am.

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