Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Finally Have the Right Guitar

Instruments are funny things. We bond with some, not so with others, and the reasons aren't always clear. Maybe you have a guitar that sounds amazing but just won't stay in tune. Maybe another is reliable and sounds good, but you just don't enjoy playing it as much. Maybe you have the right guitar for a certain setting or style, but you need something more versatile or you need a guitar that's suited to a different style. I have never been one to change instruments often, and I have always been fairly happy with the instruments I have, but I haven't ever truly felt like I had the one instrument that just fit me, though. I have the right one now. When I started working on new music as a solo artist I studied others who have been successful performing alone, and I became a huge fan of Scott H. Biram. Biram plays a vintage Gibson Es-125, and I love the sounds he gets out of it. Then, when I became a fan of Larry and His Flask, I took note of the Godin Kingpin, essentially a modern ES-125 clone, that Ian Cook plays. I have been looking for a few years now for an affordable ES-125 style guitar. I had come close to buying one several times before, but last week I finally found the right one and brought it home. It is an Alvarez AD65E, a pretty rare ES-125 clone that Alvarez only produced for a few years in the late 90s/early 2000s. I am very excited at just how nice the guitar is, and I really am enjoying it a lot. It's not a vintage, American-made Gibson, but it feels right and sounds sweet. I can't wait to get out to some shows with my new songs (keep an eye out, I'll post another new video within the next week) and my new guitar.

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