Monday, July 8, 2013

Exciting News and a Venue/Show Review

Exciting News

Huge congrats to my amazing sister Beth and her awesome husband Jason on the announcement that they are going to be parents! I can't wait to be an uncle, and they will be great parents.

Venue/Show Review

The Well

I was able to check out a show Saturday night at a great local venue called The Well. The place is really set up right to provide an awesome experience for both fans and performers. I'm looking forward to playing there soon, and I'll definitely be going to more shows there. Check out their site Here.

This place has a great setup

Matt Woods

I was fortunate to catch Matt Woods and Jocephus and the George Jonestown Massacre play on Saturday. Matt is a songwriter who I had heard a lot about, and I had been wanting to see him live since checking out some clips of him online. His show did not disappoint. He's got well written songs, a killer voice, and an engaging stage presence. He's found that point as a solo artist wherein he manages to balance relaxed banter with unquestionably heartfelt delivery of his songs. I spoke with him after his set, and I was impressed to discover that he handles his career completely independently. He writes, records, and puts out his own records, and he books his own lengthy tours. Very cool stuff. His site is Here.

The picture doesn't lie

Jocephus and the George Jonestown Massacre

Jocephus and the George Jonestown Massacre is one of the better band names I've ever heard, and it fits the band perfectly. Their music is an amalgam of stoner rock and classic country that, on paper, shouldn't work, but they pull it off incredibly well. I think the biggest reason they are able to do so is that they play their music without any sense of irony or pretension. Combining genres can often become a bad joke, but these guys clearly just rock out and play what they like. It works because it's honest, and it works because they play it well. Their site is Here.

I wasn't able to stick around to see Pick Up the Snake, who were also on the bill, but I plan on catching them live soon as they seemed like cool dudes.

Talent and sincerity are the two things that make live music work, and both were on display at this show. I told Matt during Jocephus and the GJM's set that it was like seeing Steve Earle open for Clutch. The reality is that a show like that does work. I have, in fact, seen William Elliott Whitmore open for Clutch, and it was awesome. The reasons that such seemingly different artists can successfully share a bill are simple...talent and sincerity.

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