Friday, May 31, 2013

FREE Song Available Now

My version of an unreleased Boss Kean's Ditch song called "Singin' Hymns" is now available by clicking on the Open Music player link or the arrow on the left of the screen.  You can also download the song by right-clicking and choosing "save link as."  I hope you guys enjoy the tune, and I hope you share it with your friends.  This was one of my favorite BKD tunes we ever wrote, so kudos go out to Shane, Ryan, Robbie, Tom, and Jimmy.  You can find at least one live BKD version (thanks to our friend BigE-Thanks Brother!) of the song on YouTube if you want to check out the differences.


  1. Hey Doug, thanks for the credit on the early live version.

    1. No problem my man. I appreciate all the vids you've posted over the years. Hope you are doing well brother.